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USPS Temporary Holiday Rate Increase 2022

Image by Dan Meyers

As is becoming the yearly norm for the United States Postal Service (USPS), they recently announced temporary rate increases to ship mail and packages for the 2022 holiday season.


While we make every effort to give you the lowest shipping price possible, unfortunately, there's no way to escape this; USPS is raising rates the same amount everywhere you can buy their postage.

Their price increase for each shipment depends on the service, weight, and zone you live in, as summed up below:

October 2, 2022 – January 22, 2023 temporary USPS rate increase:

The United States Postal Service filed notice on August 10, 2022 with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) regarding a temporary price adjustment for key package products for the 2022 peak holiday season. This temporary rate adjustment is similar to ones in past years that help cover extra handling costs to ensure a successful peak season.

The planned peak-season pricing, which was approved by the Governors of the Postal Service on Aug. 9, would affect prices on the following commercial and retail domestic competitive parcels: Priority Mail Express (PME), Priority Mail (PM), First-Class Package Service (FCPS), Parcel Select and USPS Retail Ground. International products would be unaffected. Pending favorable review by the PRC, the temporary rates would go into effect at 12 a.m. Central on Oct. 2, and remain in place until 12 a.m. Central Jan. 22, 2023.



 Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express:

  • $0.95 increase for PM and PME Flat Rate Boxes and Envelopes.

  • $0.30 increase for Zones 1-4, 0-10 lbs.

  • $1.00 increase for Zones 5-9, 0-10 lbs.

  • $0.95 increase for Zones 1-4, 11-25 lbs.

  • $3.20 increase for Zones 5-9, 11-25 lbs.

  • $3.25 increase for Zones 1-4, 26-70 lbs.

  • $6.45 increase for Zones 5-9, 26-70 lbs.

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