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Soy Wax Info

Candle Wax Before Melting

The frosted look in soy wax melts is very common and has many names. Some of those names are indicative of their specific traits: "cauliflower bursts", "frosted", "snowflakes", or "star-bursts."

Soy wax is the main ingredient in our products. Our blend also contains other natural ingredients including mineral oil and a very small amount of food grade paraffin as a binder for the ingredients. We do this to maximize scent throw while trying to help minimize frosting but it may still occur at times.


Frosting has no effect on the burn quality of your wax melts and may be more extreme in colored products. We try to minimize the appearance of frosting by switching the pouring temperature and changing the environment the products cool in. Temperature shifts can create frosting after the fact as well, so going from a hot delivery truck to an air-conditioned home or a cold delivery truck to a nice and cozy home can definitely affect the way the wax melts look.


Again, this in no way affects the performance or burn quality of the products.

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